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Helping men liberate their marriage, business & life…

Welcome to the game of accelerated growth in terms of PRODUCTION & POWER, where RISING KINGS helps businessmen create more PROFIT while living a more fulfilling and PURPOSE driven life.

RISING KINGS is here to change the way we as men, play the game. How we show up as MEN in our world as a Father, Husband and Business Leader.

The RISING KINGS program has helped hundreds of men smash through their limiting ceiling and into the world of the elite through a unique set of tested and proven methodologies, systems and processes that most have never seen before.

Focused on progress & results, RISING KINGS is here to change the way we as men, play the game.

Redefining what it means to BE THE MAN in how we show up as fathers, husbands and business leaders.

RISING KINGS has been created for:

  • The businessman who feels like they’re getting devoured by the constant demands of work and struggling to find a way to break through their current ceiling in terms of financial wealth, productivity and connection with loved ones.
  • Men who want to access to new levels of capacity and power that will accelerate their production and business results to the next level.
  • And the men of this world who are looking for the NEXT LEVEL, searching for a way to reach new heights in MONEY, MEANING and FREEDOM.

It’s time to step up my friend and make the rest of your life count.

You’ve been called…

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Brother, my name is Ben Salkeld and I’m the founder of RISING KINGS.

Over the past half a decade I’ve personally coached over 350+ businessmen from survive, to thrive in business, health and relationships.

A businessman at heart who has a passion for constant growth, I’m a loving husband, present father of two amazing children, entrepreneur, and I’ve dedicated my life to helping businessmen just like you take life to the next level. Showing them how to increase their wealth, find more meaning and create the life they truly desire.

Focusing on the game of production and results, I help men make more progress in a year then most men make in 5.

What I have, is a methodology and framework that has enabled me (and hundreds of men just like you) to…

  • Become more productive and operate at peak performance in business.
  • Generate more wealth than most men dream about.
  • Create a marriage that’s on fire with passion, connection & joy – instead of just “tolerating” each other.
  • Become a present, loving, connected father to their children – instead of feeling guilty about being ‘too busy’ to be there for them.
  • Have a powerful body they feel confident & healthy in.
  • Live a life deeply rooted with a sense of certainty, purpose and spiritual fulfilment.

I believe that when bold men like yourself reconnect with the KING within, it will unleash new levels of freedom, fulfilment, and abundance, with a massive ripple effect that will be felt for generations.

I know, because I experienced it firsthand. I was a slave, lost in a sea of lies and stories I would tell myself, I had no true clarity over what I wanted or any higher purpose in my life, I was drifting like the men around me, not realising there was something bigger awaiting me.

Over time I became the stereotypical hot-tempered father, the disconnected husband, the ever-busy worker who always felt there was something missing, never truly happy, but not in enough pain to bother doing anything about it.

After many challenging years, fighting for my life and doing the work, I finally figured out how to bring that King to the surface and create the powerful and peaceful Kingdom I longed for.

So here I am sharing all the truths, processes, and transformational advice I’ve learned over the years with Men who want to BE MORE, DO MORE and HAVE MORE.

Brother, in this game we call life, there is a motto I live by ‘Failure is not an option’. That too often we let ourselves falsely believe that we can ‘drop out’ from the requirements of being THE MAN, succumb to the average, believe that this is as good as it gets and it’s causing more disconnect, frustration and depression than ever before.

Join me and the ranks of the Brotherhood and I’ll show you how to unlock more power and profit in your life than ever before.

It’s your time.

Power & Purpose,




It’s been years since I’ve had the opportunity to do this people I can trust. That know enough to be worth listening to and not some dickhead on stage in front of me trying to sell me something. People that genuinely care. Because they want that for you.

It’s a rare opportunity to focus on getting your shit together. RISING KINGS is fixing your bad habits. RISING KINGS is getting your shit together to be a better man.

- NICK, 32



I came to RISING KINGS because I needed a break, I needed a reset. I needed someone to reset me! Having the opportunity to come here in the context of developing our manhood and getting checked by Benjamin who is an amazing facilitator was an opportunity I didn’t want to pass up. And that’s what I’m definitely getting here.

To any man that is looking to invest in themselves, this is probably one of the best, if not THE BEST approach you can achieve.




This will bring your awareness levels to the next level. Like you’ve never ever experienced before. You truly do not know you right now. RISING KINGS has distilled it all down to step by step process in order to have it all.

So if you want it all, if you want to become the best vesting of you, if you want to build a business…there’s a framework. There’s tools. There’s something that you haven’t discovered yet that is going to make it so much easier for you.

- JAY, 34


Download a Free Copy of The Morning Power Routine